The Shocking Reason Why Your Dog Likes Squeaky Toys

Have you ever wondered why the majority of dog toys squeak? Why does the squeaking get our dogs so riled up?

There must be more to it than just wanting to annoy their master!

dog and wolf comparison ancestry

The Killer Instinct

The latest theory is that dogs evolved from a single family of wolves whom were domesticated roughly 20,000-40,000 years ago!

It’s suggested that dogs enjoy their squeaky toys because it triggers the killer instinct inherited from these wolf roots.

The biting and the toy squeaking replicates hunting wild prey.

You may notice your dog forcefully shake the toy around and that when the squeaker finally breaks, they usually become disinterested in it and move on.

The prey has been hunted and now killed!

While your cute little chihuahua may not resemble much of a wolf, they still have retained the prey drive to some extent.

Did you know?

A study was done on 85 dog breeds which revealed that the Chow Chow, Shiba Inu, Akita and Alaskan Malamute had the closest resemblance to their ancient wolf ancestors.  

Perhaps this is also why these breeds are considered somewhat difficult to train.

Hyper dog chewing on squeaky toy

Squeaky toys trigger hyperactivity!

Don’t believe your dog has the instincts from that wolf family? Well there are other possibilities.

From your dog sinking their teeth in and hearing the squeak, they're receiving instant satisfaction that stimulates their reward center and encourages them to continue.

This auditory feedback for the dog is more enjoyable for them than a toy that provides no reaction at all.

It’s time to stock up on squeaky toys because our dogs will spend their excess energy on them, making it less likely they chew the shoes or the baseboards!

Always Exercise Caution

Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog whenever they are playing with a toy to avoid freak accidents.

A piece of a bone or the squeaker getting stuck in their throat are the top threats.

If a toy starts to rip, especially one with a squeaker, it’s time to either sew it up, throw it out, or at the least immediately dispose of the squeaker.

Failure to act fast can be very hazardous and lead to a vet bill of thousands of dollars.

It’s also wise to consider pet insurance which would protect you from any bank-breaking surgeries, from intestinal blockage to a broken leg.

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