Clear Raincoat With Hood (XS-XL)

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Rain is NOT an excuse to hold YOU and your dog back from a walk, but who wants to deal with a SOPPING wet dog soaking up the house?! A raincoat for your dog doesn't have to be tacky!

  • Hooded
  • Waterproof
  • Protect your dog and the home!
  • Clear (doesn't hide your dog's beautiful coat of fur)

Whats included? 
1x Clear Raincoat

Material: Plastic
Size: Size chart in picture 5

*Everyone's measurement will vary leaving potential for ~2cm of error
*Always choose the bigger size if unsure between two

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Dog wearing clear raincoat for dogs
yorkie wearing green raincoat for dogs
Pomeranian wearing raincoat for dogs
Clear Raincoat With Hood (XS-XL)
Various images of dogs wearing clear raincoat for dogs
Size chart for raincoat for dogs
How to measure dog for clothes