Easy Clean Dual Feeder

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Is your dog constantly spilling their food on the floor? How many times are YOU going to wipe that same spot! With the Easy Clean Dual Feeder rinse the bowls and tray all at once!

  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps the floor food free and clean
  • Food not all over the place

No spill? Then remove and wash the bowls separately. This product is best suited for small dogs.

Whats included?
1Easy Clean Dual Feeder

Material: BPA-free, non toxic plastic
Size: Bowl Diameter = 14.5cm Tray = 45x35x8cm 

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Grey easy clean dual feeder for dogs
dog sitting behind easy to clean dual feeder for dogs
blue and green easy clean dual feeders for dogs side by side
poodle eating out of pink easy clean dual feeder
person washing easy clean dual feeder for dogs in the sink