Socks with Waterproof Non-Slip Bottoms

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Avoid those dirty paws! These are PERFECT for a rainy day, or even that slippery hardwood floor your dog loves to play on. MOST dog footwear either fits poorly or is too difficult to put on, NOT these!

  • Easy to put on
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable

This product is suited for small-medium sized dogs.

Whats included? 
1x Socks with Waterproof Non-Slip Bottoms

Material: Cotton, rubber
Size: Size chart in picture 5

*Everyone's measurement will vary leaving potential for ~1cm of error
*We strongly recommend going one size up

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Waterproof non-slip socks for dog
Dog wearing waterproof non-slip socks for dogs
Dog wearing red waterproof non-slip socks for dogs
Blue non-slip waterproof socks for dogs
Size chart for waterproof socks for dog