Rabbit/Wolf/Skunk (3 Pack)

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ROADKILL! Rabbit, Wolf and Skunk have been collected fresh off the road, that's how they got flattened! If your dog rips into toys in seconds and makes a mess of the stuffing then this trio is made for you.

  • No stuffing, no mess
  • They still squeak!
  • Very long, multiple dogs can play/tug on at once

Dogs of all sizes can enjoy this toy.

Whats included?
3x Toy (Rabbit, Wolf, Skunk)

Material: Felt
Size: ~30-36cm long

*Though our toys are durable, no dog toy is indestructible. Supervising your dog while they play allows toys to last longer and most importantly keeps them safe. Please discard of any pieces coming loose.

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close up of skunk no stuffing dog toy
dog chewing on rabbit dog toy with no stuffing
dog chewing on wolf dog toy with no stuffing
dog has paw on rabbit dog toy with no stuffing
no stuffing dog toys rabbit wolf and skunk displayed