Duck Plush (2 Pack)

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Will your dog enjoy these ducks more than the CORGI? Unfortunately, that's one thing we cannot guarantee, but the Duck Plush 2 Pack can become a new favorite in your dog's rotation TODAY!

  • Very soft
  • They honk! (squeak)
  • Revolutionary duck design 😉
  • Hook to hang duck anywhere you please

Best suited for small-medium sized dogs.

Whats included?
2x Duck Plush

Material: Plush filled with cotton
Size: 7x18cm

*Though our toys are durable, no dog toy is indestructible. Supervising your dog while they play allows toys to last longer and most importantly keeps them safe. Please discard of any pieces coming loose.

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Corgi smiling playing with squeaky duck dog plush toy
Corgi jumping up at squeaky duck plush dog toy
four images showing different angles of the squeaky duck plush toy for dogs